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 The Hamburger

49. The Hamburger

    The hamburger has no connection to ham. It got its name from the German town of Hamburg, which was famous for its ground steak. German immigrants to the United States introduced the "hamburger steak."

    At the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904, hamburger steaks were served on buns for the first time. Hamburgers on buns were convenient and tasted good. This became the usual way of eating hamburgers.

    How did the hamburger become the most popular, most typical American food? The introduction of the bun is an important part of the answer. Another important part is McDonald's, the fast- food restaurant.

    The first McDonald's was opened in San Bernadino, California, in 1949. Hamburgers were the main item on its menu. People liked the restaurant's fast service. By the 1960s there were many McDonald's restaurants. McDonald's was a part of nearly every community in the United States. There were also other fast-food restaurants that sold hamburgers. McDonald's alone sold millions of hamburgers a year Today, of course, there are McDonald's restaurants around the world. The food they serve is considered typically American. And, although McDonald's has expanded its menu, the main item on that menu is--as always--the hamburger.



1. Why did hamburgers get their name?
a. Because of German city
b. Because of ham
c. Because of the person who made it.

2. When were the hamburgers served at first?
a. In the 19th century
b. In the 20th century
c. In the 21st century

3. Why did the hamburgers become so popular?
a. Because of their buns
b. Because of their unforgettable taste
c. Because of their shape

4. Where was the first McDonald’s opened?
a. In Germany
b. In California
c. In Florida

5. Where can you find hamburgers?
a. In restaurants
b. In cafés
c. In fast-food restaurants

6. How are the hamburgers connected with McDonald’s?
a. Hamburgers were the first dish in it.
b. Hamburgers are sold only in it.
c. Hamburgers are the main item in it.

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘convenient’ (paragraph 2)?
a. Practical
b. Tasteful
c. Pretty
d. Fresh

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