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 The Bald Eagle

37. The Bald Eagle

    In 1782, soon after the United States won its independence, the bald eagle was chosen as the national bird of the new country. American leaders wanted the eagle to be a symbol of their country because it is a bird of strength and courage. They chose the bald eagle because it was found all over North America and only in North America.

    Today, a little over 200 years later, the bald eagle has almost disappeared from the country. In 1972 there were only 3,000 bald eagles in the entire United States. The reason for the bird's decreasing population was pollution, especially pollution of the rivers by pesticides. Pesticides are chemicals used to kill insects and other animals that attack and destroy crops. Unfortunately, rain often washes pesticides into rivers. Pesticides pollute the rivers and poison the fish. Eagles eat these fish and then the eggs eagles lay are not healthy. The eggs have very thin shells and do not hatch. Eagles lay only two or three eggs a year. Because many of the eggs did not hatch and produce more eagles, the number of eagles quickly became smaller.

    Today, the American government and the American people are trying to protect the bald eagle. The number of bald eagles is slowly increasing. It now appears that the American national bird will survive, and remain a symbol of strength and courage.



1. Why was the eagle chosen to be a symbol of the USA?
a. Because it is a strong bird.
b. Because it is a clever bird.
c. Because it is a calm bird.

2. Why did Americans pay much attention to a bald eagle?
a. Because it is very beautiful.
b. Because it was found only in the USA.
c. Because the biggest population of it was found in the USA.

3. What is the main reason for the decreasing of the bald eagles’ population?
a. Hunting
b. Starving
c. Pollution

4. How many children can the eagle have a year?
a. More than ten
b. Two or three
c. Only one

5. What can we say about the population of the eagles now?
a. It is decreasing.
b. It is increasing.
c. It has no changes.

6. What do Americans think about the eagles?
a. Eagles are useless birds.
b. They want to help birds.
c. These birds don’t need anybody’s help.

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘courage’ (paragraph 1)?
a. Bravery
b. Loneliness
c. Madness
d. Adventures

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