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3. Texas

    A long time ago Texas was part of Mexico. The Mexican government did not want any Americans to move to Texas. But a man named Stephen Austin brought a lot of people to Texas. They built towns. The Mexican government was not happy and a war began. The Americans did not want to be part of Mexico. Many years passed. Finally, Texas was free. It became a state in 1836.

    Texans are proud of their history. Many people from Mexico live in Texas today. They are an important part of the state's history. A popular kind of food in Texas is called "Tex-Mex." This means that it is a mixture of American and Mexican food.

    Texas is also famous for its cowboys. These cowboys rode horses and took care of the cattle. They wore big hats and high-heeled boots. When people think of Texas, they often think of cowboys.

    One way to describe Texas is "big." In fact, Texas is the second biggest state. Only Alaska is bigger. Texas has more cattle and sheep than any other state. It has the most farms or ranches in the United States. It has the biggest ranch in the country, too. Texas also produces the most fruit and vegetables. And it gives the United States one-third of American oil! That's why Texans "think big."



1. What was Stephen Austin famous for?
a. He was a member of the Mexican government.
b. He helped people to move to Texas.
c. He was a famous American farmer.

2. What was the main reason for the beginning of the war?
a. Mexicans wanted to occupy American land.
b. Mexicans wanted to be the most powerful nation.
c. Mexicans didn’t want Americans to move to Texas.

3. What does “Tex-Mex” mean?
a. Food, which combines American and Mexican specialties.
b. It’s a kind of American fast food.
c. It’s a kind of Mexican fast food.

4. What association do people often have with Texas?
a. Special food
b. Cowboys
c. Cattle and sheep

5. What is special about Texas in comparison with other American states?
a. It’s the second biggest state.
b. It has the warmest climate.
c. It has the biggest population.

6. Which kinds of plants are the most popular on Texas rancho?
a. Corn
b. Flowers
c. Fruit, vegetables

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘cattle’ (paragraph 3)?
a. Cows
b. Appearance
c. Stock
d. Show

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