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 Skunks, Raccoons and Coyotes

48. Skunks, Raccoons and Coyotes

 The Skunk

   The skunk is known mainly for its bad smell. Skunks are black and white and very furry.

    They are small--no larger than house cats. When a skunk is in danger, it attacks by spraying a liquid from under its tail. This liquid has a terrible smell, which may last for many days. A skunk can spray something from as far away as twelve feet.

 The Raccoon

   The raccoon is famous for its ringed tail and for the black "mask" around its eyes. Raccoons can use their paws skillfully, and are quite intelligent. They eat many different things-- frogs, fish, birds' eggs, fruit, and mice.

    Raccoons are not timid or afraid of people. They'll often take food from garbage cans. This explains, some people say, the black masks around their eyes--raccoons are garbage-can robbers!

 The Coyote

   Coyotes are associated with the American Southwest. A coyote howling at night is a familiar scene in western movies. The coyote is a relative of the wolf. Like wolves, coyotes are not popular with farmers because they sometimes kill chickens and sheep. The coyote can live in many different kinds of places. Today, coyotes can be found all over the United States--from Alaska to New York, and in towns as well as in the wild.


1. What are skunks famous for?
a. For their color
b. For their tail
c. For their smell

2. What size are skunks?
a. Like cats
b. Like horses
c. Like mice

3. What can we say about the raccoons?
a. They are smart.
b. They are polite.
c. They are shy.

4. What is the raccoons’ attitude to people?
a. They are afraid of people.
b. They are not afraid of people.
c. It depends on the place, where they live.

5. Why are the coyotes not popular with famers?
a. Because they eat animals.
b. Because they are very dangerous for famers.
c. Because they can’t live with people.

6. Where can we meet the coyotes in the USA?
a. Only in a few states
b. There are no coyotes in the USA.
c. All over the USA

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘furry’ (paragraph 1)?
a. Shaggy
b. Funny
c. Dark
d. Good-looking

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