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Crete most expensive family summer holiday destination

Crete is the most expensive destination for families this summer and Bulgaria is the most affordable, according to the Post Office.

Crete is the dearest place for a family break when considering the cost of beach holiday extras such as suncream, insect repellent, drinks and meals out.

Bulgaria is the most affordable, followed by more traditionally popular destinations of the Costa del Sol and Turkey.

A report for Post Office Travel Money found that ten standard items associated with beach holidays cost on average £110.17 in Sunny Beach in Bulgaria, £121.11 in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol and £129.29 in Marmaris, Turkey.

The same items cost £189.15 in Crete – 72 per cent more.

There were also variations in prices found within countries. For example in Spain, a family staying in Majorca could pay 30 per cent more than on the Costa del Sol.

Drinks cost least in Portugal, a can of Coca-Cola is cheapest in the Algarve, where it costs just 86p, compared to £1.75 in Bournemouth, £1.95 in Turkey, £1.94 in Corfu, £2.16 in France and £2.24 in Crete.

Bournemouth in Dorset was one of the more reasonably-priced resorts in the survey, with the items costing £147.23.

The overall news was good for any family heading to Europe this year, as spending money will go 11.5 per cent further due to the strength of the sterling against the euro, with rates at their highest so far in July.

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