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First chickens, then pigs, now Jamie and Hugh are saving cows by calling for supermarket boycott on dairy

Jamie Oliver and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall are calling on shoppers to boycott supermarkets selling milk below the cost of production.

The cost of production of a pint of milk is around 30p and perhaps even more this summer because it is expensive for farmers to keep cows inside sheltered from the rain and cold.

But processors are set to cut prices to just 25 pence per litre (ppl), which they say is a result of pressure from the supermarkets.

The celebrity chefs say the price cut is making dairy farming "unviable”.

"Our whole landscape is threatened because retailers offer farmers less money for milk than it costs to produce,” they said.

M&S, Waitrose, Tesco and Sainsbury’s all offer more than 29p per litre of milk.

However other retailers are offering much less, forcing the processors to keep down prices to farmers.

The Co-operative and Asda have recently put up prices, but it is still below the cost of production while cheaper supermarkets have failed to act at all.

In a dual statement, Mr Oliver and Mr Fearnley-Whittingstall, said retailers should not be selling milk at such low prices and then expecting farmers to take up the loss.

"It’s time supermarkets stopped using milk as a loss leader. And if they won’t take that initiative, then perhaps consumers will consider moving their custom from those who offer milk at crazy knock-down prices to those who will commit to giving dairy farmers a fairer deal. We urge everyone who drinks milk (that’s pretty much all of us, of course) to take action.”

Processors Arla, Muller Wiseman and Dairy Crest have already cut prices by 2p this June and plan another cut of around 2p in August, bringing the price down to around 25ppl.

Farmers have threatened to protest but Mr Oliver and Mr Whittingstall said it was ultimately about consumer power.

"Milk is a brilliant food but we have all lost sight of its value. We pay more for bottled water than we do for milk — yet water bubbles out of the ground, while milk comes from livestock which need our care. How mad is that? Dairy farmers can’t take industrial action. Their daily commitment to their herd makes it impossible. How cynical of retailers to take advantage of this. If the dairy industry expires, or becomes super-industrialised, it’s not just thousands of family businesses that will go to the wall. Our whole landscape is threatened. All over Britain the patchwork of hedgerows and grass fields owes its existence to the traditional production of milk.”

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