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21. New York City

    New York is the largest city in the United States. More than seven million people live there. New York has very tall buildings like the Crisler Center and the Empire State Building. It is the biggest port in the world. Thousands of ships come to the port of New York each year. It has Macy's, one of the biggest stores in the world. New York also has the largest lady in the world--the Statue of Liberty.

    New York is a very cosmopolitan city. People from many countries came to live in New York. Three-quarters, or 75 percent, of the people in New York City come from five groups. The groups are: blacks, Jews, Italians, Puerto Ricans, and Irish. The other quarter, or 25 percent, comes from all over the world. New York City is the center for culture in the United States. It has the finest museums and best art galleries in the country. If you want to see a play, there are many theaters you can go to on Broadway. The street called Broadway is the center for theater in the United States.

    People call New York City the "Big Apple." Jazz musicians in the 1920s gave New York this name. When a musician says he is going to the Big Apple, it means he is the best. Today, New York is still the U.S. center for art and business.



1. What is the population of New York?
a. 7000000
b. More than 7000000
c. Less than 7000000

2. What is special about New York?
a. It’s the largest city in the world.
b. It has the biggest population.
c. It’s the biggest port in the world.

3. What can we say about the inhabitants of New York?
a. It’s mononational.
b. It’s multinational.
c. There are two nations there.

4. The center of what sphere do Americans consider Broadway to be?
a. Cinema
b. Museums and galleries
c. Theatre

5. What does the phrase “Big apple” mean?
a. Very big
b. The best
c. The worst

6. Who gave New York a name “Big apple”?
a. Actors
b. Painters
c. Musicians

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘cosmopolitan’ (paragraph 2)?
a. Urban
b. International
c. Mononational
d. Cultural

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