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 Пробне тестування ЗНО 2010



Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (1-5).
There are three choices you do not need to use.

A Presentation
B Travelling
C Restaurant
D Theatre
E Acquaintance
F Services
G Shopping
H Sightseeing

1 _____

Experience true Italian hospitality when dining at Cascina. Serving country-style Italian fare, Cascina's dishes are simple yet abundant in flavor. The cozy atmosphere combines with the friendly service and delicious cuisine, providing the ideal place to relax and unwind with family and friends. Cascina also offers a pre-theatre dinner.
web-site: www.cascina.com
e-mail: info@cascina.com

2 _____

A great way to top off your Gray Line Tour is with a refreshing Circle Line Cruise. As you cruise through the harbor and around Manhattan Island, knowledgeable and friendly tour guides bring life to the breathtaking sights and the fascinating history of New York. Get the BIG picture aboard the 3-hour Full Island Cruise. If you're pressed for time, the 2-hour Semi-Circle or romantic Harbor Lights Cruises capture all the highlights.
Call: 1-800-669-0051

3 _____

Did they send me an e-mail?
...Need to check ASAP
High speed low cost
Internet access! Get online now @
the cheapest way to get online

4 _____

Pat Collins, UPN 9-TV
Check the box office for great seats!
The smash hit musical based on the songs of ABBA
MAMMA MIA! A mother. A daughter. 3 possible dads. And a trip down the aisle you'll never forget!
Call Telecharge.com (212) 239-6200

5 _____

Blow out Sale
Buy one at 1/2 price &Get2lldfor$l
OF EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE-Starting price $98.
Large variety of leather jackets, pants,
skirts, vests and purses
Sizes: small - 10XL
New-York Wholesale 56 West 39th Street



Read the text below.
For questions (6-11) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

The Magic of Friendship

Relationships make the world go round - everyone is seeking someone who will love and understand them. And that's just as true of friendship as it is of romantic relationships. In many countries, especially in tribal cultures, friendship is admired and marked by rituals - from blood brotherhood to blessed 'marriages' between friends - that formalize an unbreakable bond.

Friendship can so often happen by the purest chance, but what is it that makes you compatible with one person and not another? It may lie in the stars - your Zodiac sign can reveal the type of friend you are and who might be a suitable best friend.

Certainly, with your very best friend you can feel that you are 'soul mates' - and in such cases, you can be sure that your friendship goes beyond your shared taste in music!

Historically, friendship has been regarded far more highly than it is today. As time has passed and society's emphasis has shifted from friendship to romantic partnerships, the formality surrounding our relations with friends has diminished. Friendship is very often seen as secondary to relationships between lovers.

The Greeks and Romans celebrated classical friendships - platonic relationships with many of the characteristic of modern-day love. In Greek mythology, for example, famous friendships existed between male heroes, such as Achilles and Patroclus.

Later, during the Renaissance, this type of friendship made a reappearance in the form of romantic friendship. In these relations it was not usual for friends to set up home together as 'husband and wife'.

Many of the sentimental things we see lovers doing today - writing poems, holding hands, carving each other's names on tree trunks - would then have been practised by close friends. These romantic friendships existed between women only into the early part of the 20th century, but something of their intensity still survives between best friends today.

6 The author _____________ .
A wonders how people make friends
B celebrates the reappearance of romantic friendship
C tries make sense of friendship
D traces the evolution of the notion of friendship

7 Everyone is looking for __________ .
A a blessed 'marriage'
B blood brotherhood
C an unbreakable bond
D love and personal support

8 Your Zodiac sign reveals __________.
A personal information about you
B suitable close friend
C your taste in music
D your soul mate

9 You and your very best friend __________.
A ashare a common taste in music
B have common phisical traits
C feel that you are 'soul mates'
D agree about most things

10 Platonic relationships __________.
A are a thing of the past
B existed between Greek heroes
C were usual only for women
D are a modern phenomenon

11 Carving each other's names on tree trunks __________ .
A was introduced only in the early part of the 21 st century
B was celebrated during marriage rituals in the 20th century
C is a symbol of platonic friendships nowadays
D is a tradition that romantic partners practice in modern time



Read the texts below. Match choices (A-H) to (12-16).
There are three choices you do not need to use.

A Pete wants to go sightseeing.
B Greg was asked to send a parcel.
C Mary would like to listen to classical music.
D Kelly wants to see a performance.
E Chris would like to eat out with his girlfriend.
F Nick wants to have a quick meal.
G Matt's addressee hasn't got his letter.
H Alice wants to use public transport.

12 _____

If a piece of your mail has been damaged, delayed or lost by Royal Mail, there are a number of things you can do.
(You must keep damaged or delayed items and the packaging, as we may need to see them).
You can contact Customer Services
Call 08457 740 740 (or Textphone 08456 000 606) and we'll take the details from you - please have all information and any proof of posting ready.

13 _____

The most amazing and breathtaking view to see the City from the air! Delight in the vistas of New York on your 10-12 minute bird's eye tour. See the United States' most famous landmark, the Statue of Liberty, so close you can almost reach out and touch her! Your flight continues as you pass the Empire State, Chrysler, Woolworth, and Meet Life Buildings, Ellis Island along with the New York Harbor, George Washington Bridge, and the world renowned Central Park.
Call: (212) 445-0848

14 _____

Passports give you access. So does MetroCard. It takes you to all the famous places in the entire city. And, with an Unlimited Ride Card, you can hop on and off New York City Transit subways and local busses as many times as you like, all day long. It's the fastest, least expensive way to see it all.
You can buy MetroCard at the Gray Line counter in the Times Square Visitor Center. You can also buy it at subway station vending machines with your debit or credit, or cash.
For more information, call 800-638-7622.

15 _____

Imagine yourself on a beautiful yacht, indulging in sumptuous cuisine and fine wines, dancing to delightful live music, enjoying gracious and attentive service... Well, pinch yourself; you're not dreaming! Metro-North takes you to the World Yacht Dinner Cruise. And you'll ride the train FREE if you ask for the Metro-North package when you make your reservation!
During the three-hour cruise around New York Harbor, you'll dine on an incredible four-course, sit-down feast that includes delicious signature dishes from some of New York's most acclaimed chefs. Spend the evening dancing to a live band, or strolling along the deck. Reservations must be made at least one week in advance by calling World Yacht at (212) 630-8850.

16 _____

8,th Smash Year!
"Hilarious! The most entertaining show on or off Broadway!" - Gannett Newspapers
I Love You,
You're Perfect,
Now Change
The Hilarious Hit Musical
Westside Theatre at 407 W. 43rd St Telecharge 212-239-6200 groups 212-889-4300



Read the text below.
Match choices (A-H) to (17-22). There are two choices you do not need to use.

A Whatever spiritual source clairvoyants believe their power comes from, most see it as a gift, which they should only use to help others
B Present-day clairvoyants come from all walks of life - proof that anyone can be born with this psychic talent
C At any one time there were many gifted people, who were able to see the past, present and future
D A weak aura may indicate some type of health problem or character weakness
E A clairvoyant is able to look into this fourth dimension and, through trance, see the past, present and future on the plane of spirits
F And, conversely, those who have frail auras are usually weak-willed and suffer from chronic illnesses
G The concept that the past, present and future exist together simultaneously is one that scientists, even those most cynical of the paranormal, will now consider
H This is thought to be a part of the brain used by primitive human societies in the past to detect danger
What Do Clairvoyants Believe?
If the messages clairvoyants receive are not from friendly spirits, then where do they come from?

Clairvoyants are thought to 'see clearly' into the lives of their clients and give them psychic information. There are a number of different ways in which these psychic abilities can be explained:
Some clairvoyants believe there is a visible vibration or frequency around the body that looks like a colourful blur. This is called the Kirilian aura and it is said to be a personal indicator of physical, mental and spiritual well-being:
A strong aura may mean that the person is healthy, open and friendly.
17 _____ .
Auras have been caught on film on many occasions, and some Kirilian photographs of people with missing limbs actually show an aura around the space where their limb once was.
A more scientific view of clairvoyance is the belief in a 'third eye'. 18 _____ .Its usage has since diminished due to the relative safety of modern life.
This 'eye' is able to look upon the psychic plane and see the past, present and future, or anything the clairvoyant is searching for.
The 'third eye' is also important in several forms of spiritual healing, such as Reiki. The third eye is located at the brow Chakra.
19 _____ .Parapsychologists have long held this view and believe that it is only our limited senses that prevent us from perceiving a fourth dimension on which time exists as a whole.
20 _____ .In the fourth dimension, clairvoyants are able to make contact with spirits from the past and even from the future, for example, the spirits of children not yet born.
Though not all people are gifted with clairvoyance, there is no shortage of those who are. 21 _____ .
The difference between clairvoyants today is not so much measured by their psychic power, but rather by what they choose to do with their abilities for the service of other people. 22 _____ . The very nature of this gift, however, would make it very difficult for it to be used to hurt others. Many clairvoyants also believe that to use their gift for the wrong reasons, such as for financial gain, would be a betrayal.



Read the text below.
For each of the empty space (23-34) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

There Was a Crooked Man!
David Suchet plays disgraced tycoon Robert Maxwell
BBC2 Friday

There's a 'you couldn't make it up' quality to the life story of newspaper baron Robert Maxwell. He was born into extreme poverty in Czechoslovakia in 1923, and (23)_____ he arrived in this country (24)_____ the age of 17, he couldn't speak a (25)_____ of English. Yet he (26)_____ to become a war hero, fighting (27)_____ a captain in the British Army, and one of the most high-profile - and controversial - business magnates of the 20lh Century.
This week's BBC2 drama Maxwell (28)_____ the story of the final months of his life, leading up to his mysterious drowning off the coast of Tenerife in 1991.
His media empire, which included the Daily Mirror, Macmillan Publishing and the New York Daily News, was haemorrhaging cash. In a desperate attempt to staunch the losses, Maxwell (played by David Suchef) started to raid the pension funds of his companies, stealing about $500,000.
'He (29)_____ nothing to become this huge business magnate and massively colourful figure,' says David, best known for his role as Agatha Christie's Belgian detective Hercule Poirot.
'Even though Maxwell gate crashed society events and made (30)_____ he was photographed with powerful figures such as Russia's President Gorbachev, he never felt embraced by society. He became a media tycoon (31)_____ he was desperate to have influence.'
David (32)_____ hours of footage of Maxwell and says he developed a strong sense of his character's intimidating natural authority.
'Playing Maxwell, 1 felt the (33)_____ power of the man,' he says. 'That's dangerously intoxicating for everyone. Down the centuries, nothing has been abused more than power - from Napoleon and Hitler to Saddam Hussein. If you know that when you (34)_____ your fingers people will jump to attention, it can be very seductive.'

23 A when B for C while D as
24 A in B of C at D on
25 A sound B word C phrase D speech
26 A went up B went for C went in D went on
27 A like B as if C with D as
28 A says B tells C speaks D talks
29 A rose frome B rose above C rose in D rose out
30 A confident B positive C sure D self-assured
31 A though B when C that's why D because
32 A investigated B studied C shot D learned
33 A sheer B clean C sincere D transparent
34 A bend B crack C click D clap



Read the texts below.
For each of the empty space (35-46) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

18th-century America's Santa Claus was not the only St. Nicholas-inspired gift-giver to make an appearance at Christmastime. Similar figures were popular all over the world. Christkind or Kris Kringle (35)_____ to deliver presents to well-behaved Swiss and German children. Meaning "Christ child'", Christkind is an angel-like figure often (36)_____ by St. Nicholas on his holiday missions. In Scandinavia, a jolly elf named Jultomten was thought to deliver gifts in a sleigh drawn by goats. English legend explains that Father Christmas visits each home (37)_____ Christmas Eve to fill children's stockings with holiday treats. Pere Noel is responsible for filling the shoes of French children. In some regions of Russia, it is believed that an elderly woman called Babushka (38)_____ gave the wise men wrong directions to Bethlehem so that they couldn't find Jesus. Later, she felt remorseful, but could not find (39)_____ to undo the damage. To this day, on January 6, Babushka visits Russian children leaving gifts at (40)_____ bedsides in the hope that one of them is the baby Jesus and she will be forgiven. In Italy, a similar story exists about a woman called La Befana, a kindly witch who rides a broomstick down the chimneys of Italian homes to deliver toys into the stockings of lucky children.

35 A believes B believing C was believed D believed
36 A accompanying B accompanied C to accompany D accompany
37 A on B at C in D for
38 A purposeful B purposive C purposeless D purposely
39 A men B the men C the man D a man
40 A their B they C theirs D them

WPlanting the Seeds of Change

The Green Wave project aims to help meet the goals of the United Nations Convention (41)_____ Biological Diversity by (42)_____ young people on the importance of biodiversity. In an ambitious program, students from schools all across the world (43)_____ to mark the International Day for Biodiversity by planting a single tree of an indigenous or locally important species. At 10 a.m. local time on May 22,2009, (44)_____ student groups will each plant or water their tree - uniting to send a 'green wave' from east to west around the planet. Promoting planning, research and learning about nature, long-term care and commitment, and encouraging team work and partnership across countries and continents, The Green Wave (45)_____ a positive step toward (46)_____ biodiversity all over the world.
41 A about B on C for D of
42 A educate B educated C educating D educational
43 A have been invited B have been inviting C invite D have invited
44 A this B those C that D these
45 A take B is taking C taking D taken
46 A sustaining B to sustain C sustain D is sustaining




Read the text below.
Fill in the each gap with the one word which best fits each space (47–50).

Wildlife In the Arctic

How do you outfox a fox? The red-breasted goose sometimes manages to foil its old adversary, the Arctic fox, by nesting near the falcon. The falcon repels approaching foxes, which makes a safer home for the goose. Having a bodyguard is especially useful in summer; geese arrive (47)_____ their breeding grounds in June as the (48)_____ melts, nesting in colonies of five pairs, and the new families (49)_____ particularly vulnerable until the chicks fledge. But foxes aren't the only (50)_____ to the geese; faced with hunting, habitat loss and recent reductions in winter wheat, survival has never been trickier.



51. You were going to visit your friend in London at the beginning of June. But unfortunately the schedule of the independent testing has been changed. Write a letter to your friend and:

• apologize for breaking your plans
• state the reason of your not coming
• express your regret about postponing your meeting
• ask if it is possible to come later in the summer

Write a letter of at least 100 words. Do not write any dates and addresses. Start your letter with

Dear _________,

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