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 Ice-cream sundae

22. Ice-Cream Sundae

    The ice-cream sundae is an original American dish. Ice cream is not an original American food and chocolate syrup is not an original American food But an American put the two together and started the ice-cream sundae.

    An ice-cream sundae is ice cream with chocolate or other syrup over it. There are many kinds of toppings today. You put the toppings on top of the syrup. These can be nuts, fruit, and whipped cream.

    Ice-cream sundaes started in the 1890s. At that time people went to ice-cream parlors to eat ice cream. One day in Wisconsin a customer went to an ice-cream parlor. He wanted chocolate syrup on his vanilla ice cream The owner of the parlor said this was a bad idea. But the customer insisted and finally got what he wanted. Soon many customers wanted syrup on their ice cream. Other ice-cream parlors started to have this new ice-cream dish.

    The sundae got its name from an ice-cream parlor in another town in Wisconsin. Here the owner of an ice-cream parlor only served the unusual ice-cream dish on Sundays. The ice-cream with the syrup was a special order and it was more expensive. It was a Sunday special. That is how it got the name sundae. Nobody knows why the spelling changed from Sunday to sundae.



1. What can we say about the ingredients of the ice-cream sundae?
a. They are of American origin.
b. They are eaten only in America.
c. They are not of American origin.

2. What is special about ice-cream sundae?
a. It has special shape.
b. It has a syrup.
c. You can eat it only on Sundays.

3. When did the ice-cream sundae start?
a. At the beginning of the 19th century
b. At the end of the 19th century
c. At the end of the 20th century

4. Who was the initiator of making ice-cream sundae?
a. A spoiled client
b. A seller
c. An owner of the parlor

5. Why did ice-cream sundae become more expensive?
a. Because it was special in the parlor.
b. Because the ingredients were very expensive.
c. Because it was hard to cook.

6. Why did the ice-cream change its name from Sunday to sundae?
a. Because it’s easier for pronunciation.
b. It’s unknown fact.
c. Because of its inventor.

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘parlor’ (paragraph 3)?
a. Shop
b. Market
c. Building
d. Café

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