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 Harriet Tubman

17. Harriet Tubman

    Harriet Tubman was born around 1820 in the South of the United States, She was an African-American and a slave. In those days in the South, African-Americans were slaves. People bought slaves to work in their houses, farms, and fields. Their masters bought and sold them like property. When Harriet became a young woman, she wanted to be free. She wanted to escape to the North of the United States. Everyone in the North was free.

    Finally, Harriet Tubman escaped from the South to the North on the Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad was not a real railroad. It was a secret organization of people. These people helped slaves to escape. At night, they took the slaves to a safe house. The slaves hid there. The next night, they took the slaves to the next house or "station" on the railroad. The word underground can mean secret. This is why people called the organization the Underground Railroad.

    When Harriet Tubman was free, she decided to help slaves. So she joined the Underground Railroad. Soon she became its leader. It was a very dangerous job. She went back to the South time after time. She brought back slaves to freedom in the North. Before Harriet Tubman died in 1913, she helped 300 slaves to escape. She helped these people begin new lives as free men and women. Today, we honor the name of this brave woman.



1. Why was Harriet a slave?
a. Because she wanted it.
b. Because of her origin.
c. Because her parents were slaves.

2. What was the girl’s biggest wish when she became older?
a. She wanted to move to another part of America.
b. She wanted to help people.
c. She wanted to build the underground railway station.

3. What did the Underground Railroad mean?
a. A kind of roads.
b. A group of masters.
c. A secret organization.

4. How did the Railroad make people free?
a. It brought them to safe places.
b. It killed their masters.
c. It gave them transport.

5. What job did Harriet have?
a. She was a doctor.
b. She was a leader of one organization.
c. She became a master.

6. What do people think about Harriet nowadays?
a. They respect her.
b. They hate her.
c. They adore her.

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘honor’ (paragraph 3)?
a. Revere
b. Detest
c. Abominate
d. Abhor

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