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10. Halloween

    On October 31, Americans celebrate Halloween. Halloween means "holy" (hallow) "evening". This is the evening before the Christian holy day of All Saints Day. On All Saints Day, Christians remember the saints. But Halloween is even older than Christianity.

    Before Christianity, people in Europe believed that on October 31 ghosts of dead people came back. To scare the ghosts, people dressed like devils and were very noisy. They also made big fires to keep the ghosts away. Later, people did not believe in ghosts, but they kept the day of Halloween for fun.

    Immigrants came from Europe to America and brought with them the custom of Halloween. Halloween has some strange symbols. One symbol is the jack-o'-lantern in the window. The jack-o'-lantern is to scare the ghosts. People cut the pumpkin, throw away all of the inside, and cut a face in it. Then they put a candle inside of it. Jack-o'-lanterns usually look scary, too!

    Today, in the United States, Halloween is very popular with children. They wear masks and special costumes. They want to look like skeletons and ghosts. Then they go from house to house and say, "Trick or treat!" People give them candies, cookies, or fruit. When people give nothing, the children sometimes play tricks on them.


1. What holiday do Americans celebrate the next day after Halloween?
a. Christmas
b. New Year
c. The Christian holy day

2. Why did people dress like devils?
a. They thought they were attractive.
b. They wanted to see ghosts.
c. They wanted ghosts to go away.

3. What is jack-o’-lantern made from?
a. Costumes
b. Sweets
c. Pumpkin

4. What is the most popular trend at Halloween now?
a. Skeletons and ghosts
b. Witches and vampires
c. Zombies and dwarves

5. What do children shout at Halloween?
a. Sweets or life
b. Purse or mockery
c. Trick or treat

6. What do children do with greedy people?
a. They steal something from their house.
b. They make fun of them.
c. They quarrel with them.

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘holy’ (paragraph 1)?
a. Scared
b. Saint
c. Awful
d. Frightening

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