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 George Washington

55. George Washington

    In 1775, when the American War of Independence began, George Washington was chosen to lead the American army. Washington knew his job would be difficult. The army was small, The soldiers were untrained and had few guns. The British army was large and strong. Its soldiers were very well trained.

    Early battles showed Washington's problems. His army was easily defeated in the Battle of New York. Then Washington thought of a plan. On Christmas night in 1776, he had his soldiers attack the enemy in the city of Trenton, New Jersey. The enemy soldiers never expected an attack on such a night. They were having a Christmas party. Washington won his first victory. Washington's army won the final battle in Yorktown in 1781.

    George Washington was a great leader and was respected by all his men. He was not interested in fame or money, but only in helping his country. There are many stories about George Washington. Many are probably not true. The most famous story, though, is about the cherry tree. It is said that young George cut down his father's cherry tree. When his father asked who cut down the tree, George confessed and said, "I cannot tell a lie."

    In 1789 leaders from all the states met to choose the first president of the United States. The vote was unanimous. Everyone voted for George Washington. He became the country's first president, and is remembered as the "Father of our Country."



1. When was Washington chosen to lead American Army?
a. During the World War I
b. During the World War II
c. During American War of Independence

2. Why did Washington know that the war would be difficult for his army?
a. Because it was unexpected.
b. Because the British Army was stronger.
c. Because he was a bad leader.

3. How did the first battles show American Army?
a. As a weak enemy
b. As a strong enemy
c. We can’t say for sure.

4. Where did the final battle take place?
a. In Trenton
b. In New-York
c. In Yorktown

5. What was the main life goal for Washington?
a. Fame and money
b. Helping country
c. Family

6. How do Americans call George Washington?
a. Father of the USA
b. Brave soldier of the USA
c. Leader of the USA

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘defeated’ (paragraph 2)?
a. Won
b. Invented
c. Crushed
d. Exhausted

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