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 Beverly Hills

14. Beverly Hills

    Most visitors to Los Angeles, California, want to go and see Beverly Hills. this is where you find the homes of the movie stars. But Beverly Hills is not Los Angeles. It is a small city next to Los Angeles.

    All kinds of celebrities live in Beverly Hills. These celebrities may be movie stars, television stars, sports stars, or other people in the news. Tourists can buy special maps for the homes of the stars. These homes are very beautiful. They usually have swimming pools and tennis courts. But sometimes you cannot see very much. The homes have high walls or trees around them.

    Beverly Hills is also famous for Rodeo Drive. This is one of the most expensive shopping streets in the United States. Rodeo Drive started to be an elegant street in the 1960s. Many famous stores opened on the street. People liked all the new styles and fashions they could buy. Today, you can find the most expensive and unusual clothing, jewelry, and furniture in the world on Rodeo Drive. Rodeo Drive is a very special street. When you want to park your car in public parking, an attendant will come and park your car for you.

    Beverly Hills is really a small city. Only about 35,000 people live there. But during the day more than 200,000 people come to Beverly Hills to work or to shop!



1. Why do many people want to see Beverley Hills?
a. Because there are a lot of shops there.
b. Because it’s very beautiful there.
c. Because a lot of famous people live there.

2. What is the most common mistake among people about Beverley Hills?
a. Beverley Hills is the part of Los Angeles.
b. Many people live in Beverley Hills.
c. Beverley Hills is a huge city.

3. Who lives in Beverley Hills?
a. Only movie stars
b. Only sport stars
c. A lot of famous people

4. What do the inhabitants of Beverley Hills think about visitors?
a. They are very polite to them.
b. They are very anxious about them.
c. They are not very hospitable to them.

5. What is Rodeo Drive famous for?
a. For its beautiful parks.
b. For its expensive shops.
c. For its monuments.

6. How many visitors does Beverley Hills have each day?
a. More than the population of the city.
b. One thousand
c. Thirty five thousands

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘attendant ’ (paragraph 3 )?
a. Vendor
b. Seller
c. Driver
d. Helper

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