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Read the text bellow and put the word in brackets in the correct form.

Modern world of sports knows many kinds of gymnastics. One of them, rhythmic gymnastics (1)________ (GROW) out of modern gymnastics and the Swedish system of free exercise in the 19-th century. It was called "aesthetic gymnastics" as the students (2)________ (CAN) express feelings and emotions through body movement. It combined elements of ballet, gymnastics, and theatrical dance. Young (3)__________ (WOMAN) exercised to music, moving from simple calisthenics to more energetic activities. A growing number of men are participating in this kind of sport now.

In the 1880s in Switzerland various exercises to music were created. They were designed to give grace of movement, and a much (4) _________ (GOOD) pose. A degree of difficulty for each movement (5)_______ (DEVELOP) by the European Sport Association after the World War I. So all the elements were graded accordingly.

In 1906 rhythmic gymnastics was introduced to North America, but the sport (6)_______ (NOT GAIN) much popularity. Ten European countries (7) ________ (TAKE) part in the first world championship, held in 1973 in Budapest, Hungary. The United States did not begin competing in the biennial world championship until 1973.






1 - grew

2 - could

3 - women

4 - better

5 – was developed

6 – didn’t gain / did not gain

7 - took

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