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Read the text below and decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space.

Trouble at work


I used to work at the local supermarket every Saturday. But one day I was called into the manager’s office.

‘I have received a serious (1) …… about your behaviour. Your colleague, Sara, has (2) …… me that she saw you take money from the till,’ he began.

‘I can’t understand why she would (3) ...... this kind of accusation,’ I replied.

‘I don’t want to discuss this matter. I (4) ...... that you leave the shop at once’ was all he said.

I began to (5) ...... but Mr Bradshaw refused to listen. As I left the shop I saw someone running across the car park opposite. It was Sara – she was the (6) ......of my troubles and now was my chance to find the (7) ...... why she had lied. I ran (8) ...... her and soon (9) ...... up with her.

‘Why on earth did you lie to Bradshaw?’ I almost screamed at her.

‘I owe you an (10) ...... . I’m in trouble – I had to get that money but I knew they were going to catch me, so I pretended it was you. I (11) ...... I’ll make it up to you.’

She was scared, and although I was having (12) ...... understanding her (13) ......, something in her eyes made her story sound (14) ...... . But why should I get the (15) ...... for something I didn’t do?

1 Acomplaint          B objection              C blame                D protest

2 Asaid                   B told                      C explained          D stated

3 Ahave                  B give                      C make                D put

4 Ainsist                 B confirm                 C make                D force

5 Adeny                 B demand                 C protest             D criticise

6 Acause                B force                     C effect               D origin

7 Ameaning            B purpose                 C answer             D reason

8 Ainto                   B after                      C with                 D over

9 Amade                 B took                     C went                D caught

10 A apology          B admission             C argument          D offering

11 A mean              B promise                C say                   D decide

12 A problem         B doubt                    C harm                D trouble

13 A decision         B explanation            C truth                D answers

14 A realistic          B promising              C convincing       D positive

15 A threat             B cause                    C blame               D effect




1 A

2 B

3 C

4 A

5 C

6 A

7 D

8 B

9 D

10 A

11 B

12 D

13 B

14 C

15 C
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