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1. The Fifty States

    The fifty states of the United States, or the USA, join to make one nation. The United States did not always have fifty states. At first there were thirteen. As the United States grew, more states joined the union. The last two states to join were Alaska and Hawaii. They both joined in 1959.

    The area of the United States covers every type of land. There are forests, deserts, mountains, and flat land. The area of the United States also covers every type of climate. The size of each state is different too. Alaska is the biggest state. Rhode Island is the smallest state. Alaska is 500 times bigger than Rhode Island.

    About 310 million people live in the United States. The people of the United States come from all over the world. People often name cities after where they come from. For example, in the United States you find Paris, Rome, Delhi, and Frankfurt. The state with the highest population is California. The state with the lowest population is Alaska. Each state has its own name. The name gives the state its identity and personality. More than half the states have names from American Indian origin.

    Each state also has a flag with colors that have a special meaning for the state. The flag is the emblem, or the symbol, of the state. There is also a state flower, tree, and bird.


1. How many states were there in the USA at the beginning of its history?
a. 11
b. 13
c. 15

2. Which states became the part of the USA the last?
a.Alaska, Hawaii
b.Alaska, California
c.Alaska, Rhode Island

3. If we compare the area of different states, we could say:
a.It’s quite different
b.It’s almost the same
c.Only some states have the same area

4. What is the population of the USA?
a.More than 300 million
b.Less than 300 million
c.300 million

5. Why do such American cities as Paris, Rome, Delhi and Frankfurt have the same names as cities of other countries?
a. Because they have similar climate.
b. Because they have similar traditions.
c. Because they were named by the people, who had come from the cities with similar name.

6. Which emblem has specific importance for the state?
a. The flag
b. The bird
c. The flower

7. What is the synonym for the word ‘union’ (paragraph 1)?
a. alliance
b. country
c. organization
d. island


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